2002 / LANA

Review of the 15th conference of IGEB in Lana / South Tyrol

Raoul Camus, New York/USA

The International Society for the Investigation and Promotion of Wind Music (IGEB) held its 15th biennial meeting in Lana, South Tyrol, Italy July 4-9, 2002. The very successful meeting was organized by Dr. Bernhard Habla, elected president of the Society following almost 30 years of leadership by Univ. Prof. Em. Dr. Wolfgang Suppan, with the help of Society Treasurer Doris Schweinzer from the Institute for Ethnomusicology of the University for Music and Art in Graz and the Institute Oberschützen in cooperation with the community of Lana, the Municipal Band of Lana, the Lana Tourist Association, and the South Tyrol Band Association. Attendees included members from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy and the United States.

Some of the many excellent papers included Wolfgang Suppan’s overview of wind music research since 1966, Zoltán Falvy’s appeal for a more extensive use of musical iconography in wind music research, and Alain Wagner’s extensive discussion of jazz influences in 20th century symphonic wind literature. Reports on the wind music of individual countries included papers on Belgium by Francis Pieters, Israel by Joseph Hartmann, Bulgaria by Anatoliy Gabrov, Finland by Kari Laitinen, Sinaloa (Mexico) by Helena Simonett, Valencia (Spain) by Scott Cohen, and the magnetophone collection of South Tyrolean wind music by Thomas Nussbaumer. Some of the biographical topics included discussions of American circus musicians Fred Jewell and Charles Duble by Charles Conrad, African-American composer Quincy Hilliard by David McCormick, German Empire bandmaster Richard Börner by Karl Ehrenforth, and Juventino Rosas, the Mexican composer of the popular waltz Over the Waves, by Helmut Brenner. Keith Kinder discussed Richard Wagner and the wind band, and Friedrich Anzenberger showed the importance of military bands in promoting the music of Joseph Lanner and Johann Strauß, Sr. The United States was well represented by a history of the U. S. Marine Corps Women’s Reserve Band presented by Jill Sullivan, a history of brass bands among Finnish immigrants to Minnesota (USA) by Paul Niemistö, an overview of the form of Charles Ives’s Second Symphony by Jonathan Elkus, a discussion of the characteristics of a successful high school band director by Mark Reimer, and a thorough discussion of the Black music aesthetics issues of wind performance in the United States by Johann Buis. Other topics included Bruce Gleason’s overview of horse-mounted military musicians, Heinz Ecker’s search for a definition of Harmoniemusik, John Boyd’s history of Felix Mendelssohn’s Overture for Harmoniemusik, Jon Mitchell’s discussion of early performances of British band classics at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, Raoul Camus’s description of a new research tool available on the Internet, "Early American Music and its European Sources, 1589-1839" (EASMES), and Elisabeth Anzenberger’s history of the bands of the Tyrolean Kaiserjäger Regiments. Especially fascinating was Gunther Joppig’s collection of old double-reed bass instruments and the sounds they made as he played them. All of the papers will be published in a future edition of Alta Musica, sent to all members as part of the benefits of membership.

The conference included a concert by the Indianapolis Brass Choir conducted by IGEB board member Robert Grechesky and a chamber music concert performed by ensembles of the South Tyrol Band Association.

As important as these research papers are in furthering the goals of the Society, one must also consider the friendship generated by the many social activities and evening meals in local wineries. A special highlight was the scheduled day-long sight-seeing bus trip into the heart of the Dolomite mountains, ending with a traditional Tyrolean meal in yet another local winery. All in all, a very fine meeting that should inspire members to begin planning now for the 2004 meeting.


ANZENBERGER Elisabeth (A), Regimentsmusiken der Tiroler Kaiserjäger (1895-1918) und ihre Kapellmeister

ANZENBERGER Friedrich (A), Militärmusik im Umfeld von Lanner und Strauß (Vater)

BOYD John (Indiana, USA), Mendelssohn: Overture für Harmoniemusik, History and Contemporary Editions by John Boyd

BRENNER Helmut (A), Impassioned Dream Over the Waves. Juventino Rosas and the "Bandas"

BUIS Johann (Illinois, USA), Tradition, Training, and Black Music Aesthetics Issues of Wind Performance in the United States

CAMUS Raoul (New York, USA), Early American Music and it‘s European Sources, 1589 – 1839 : an Index

COHEN R. Scott (Virginia, USA), The Symphonic and March Styles of the Moros y Cristianos Festival in Spain

CONRAD Charles (Indiana, USA), ), Red Jewell and Charles Duble – Indiana’s Circus Composers

ECKER Heinz (D), Harmoniemusik: Versuch einer Begriffsbestimmung

EHRENFORTH Karl H. (D), Richard Börner (1834-1900) – mehr als ein schlesischer Musikmeister

FALVY Zoltan (H), Musikikonographie als Grundlage zur historischen Blasmusik

GABROV Anatoliy (BG), Der Beitrag des Blasorchesters zur Entwicklung der bulgarischen Musik

GLEASON Bruce (Minnesota, USA), A History of Horse Mounted Military Musicians. An Overview

HARTMANN Joseph (IL), March Music in Israel

JOPPIG Gunther (D), Alte und neue Blasinstrumente

KINDER Keith (CAN), Richard Wagner and the Wind Band

LAITINEN Kari (FIN), Finnish Military Bands in the End of the 18th Century

McCORMICK David C. (Florida, USA), Composer Quincy C. Hilliard, a Success Story

MITCHELL Jon (Massachusetts, USA), Early Performances at the Royal Military School of Music of British Band Classics

NIEMISTÖ Paul (Minnesota, USA), Brass Bands Among Finnish Immigrants to Minnesota – 1885-1918

NUSSBAUMER Thomas (A), Magnetophonaufnahmen Südtiroler Blasmusik aus der Quellmazsammlung (1940-1942)

PIETERS Francis (B), Nationalismus in der Blasmusik in Belgien

REIMER Mark U. (Virginia, USA), Predicting Success: Characteristics of the Successful High School Band Director

SIMONETT Helena (Tennessee, USA), Historischer Überblick über Blasmusik in der mexikanischen Provinz von Sinaloa

SULLIVAN Jill M. (Arizona, USA), A History of the U. S. Marine Corps Womens Reserve Band

SUPPAN Wolfgang (A), Blasmusikforschung seit 1966

WAGNER Alain (Texas, USA), Jazz Influences in Twentieth Century Symphonic Wind Literature