1977 / USTER

The 2nd Conference of the International Society for the Promotion of Wind Music
(this the new official name in English) took place at Uster in Switzerland from October 6 through 8, 1977

About 60 Members of the Society came to Uster to hear papers from 17 musicologists and ethnologists, coming from many countries in Europe and in America. In cooperation with the conference the Festliche Musiktage Uster 1977, presented by Albert Haeberling, brought three concerts with new works from 17 composers, coming from 11 countries in Europe, America and Asia. So, scientific work and performances of new compositions for symphonic band came together.

The congress report, containing the principal address by Kurt von Fischer, and the papers, will be published in ALTA MUSICA IV as soon as possible. Members of the Society will get this report free for the membership fee 1978.

At the general assembly of the Society the following persons were elected:

President: Wolfgang Suppan, Graz/Austria
Vice-President: Walter Biber, Bern/Switzerland
Secretary General: Eugen Brixel, Graz/Austria
Treasurer: Hermann Pöltl, Nestelbach bei Graz/Austria

Members of the Board:

in the USA:
Paul Bryan, Durham, North Carolina
David Whitwell, Los Angeles, California

in Europe:
Detlef Altenburg, Köln/GFR
Friedrich Deisenroth, Siegburg bei Bonn/GFR
Albert Haeberling, Uster/Switzerland
Tomas Hancl, Ostrava/CSSR
Christoph-Hellmut Mah1ing, Saarbrücken/GFR
Helmut Moog, Köln/GFR
Balint Sarosi, Budapest/Hungary
F .H. Schorer, Lieshout/Netherlands
Help for Treasurer: Fritz Waldstädter, Graz/Austria
Erich Schneider, Bregenz/Austria


[Mitteilungsblatt Nr.4, April 1978]