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Kongress NORTHFIELD 2006


Jeremy S. Brown

Musique Pour Saxophone et Fanfare (1950) by Serge Garant (1929-1986): An EarJy Canadian Composition for Solo Saxophone and Wind Band, S/p.13-20


Raymond David Burkhart

Brass Chamber Music in Circuit Chautauqua, 1904 to C.1930, S/p.21-54


Raoul F. Camus

An American Militia Band in the 19th Century: New York's Seventh Infantry Regiment Band and Drum Corps, S/p.55-87


Stewart Carter

Giohannes Wintter's Regola Da Osservarsi: A Manual for Trumpets and Timpani from the Este Court of Modena, S/p.89-108


Joseph Darby

Composition and Recomposition in Handel's Concerti a Due Cori: Wind Choirs as Sign and Substance, S/p.109-120


Evan Feldman

Antonin Dvořák and his Interaction with the American Concert Band, S/p.121-135


Bruce P. Gleason

The Mounted Band ofthe Chicago Black Horse Troop: Military Music in the 1O6th Cavalry, 1929-1940, S/p.135-162


Bernhard Habla

Music and Identity with Special Consideration of Wind Instruments and Wind Music, S/p.163-172


David G. Hebert

Music Transculturation and Identity in a Maori Brass Band Tradition, S/p.173-199


Keith Kinder

Healey Willan: A "Canadianized" English Composer, S/p.201-214


Sabine K. Klaus

Kaiser & Kohler, German-Born Brass Musical Instrument Makers in Cincinnati, Ohio, S/p.215-249


Elisa Koehler

Salvatore Minichini and his Italian Bands in America, S/p.251-264


Kari Laitinen

Central European Influences on Finnish Military Music in the Eighteenth Century, S/p.265-272


Timothy Maloney

Quotation and Collage: The Wind Music of Lothar Klein, S/p.273-285


Jon C. Mitchell

Pan's Anniversary: Manifestation of the English Folk Song Revival and Ramifications for the British Military Band, S/p.287-296


Paul Niemisto

Why are there Rare Russian Brass Instruments in Kuopio, Finland?, S/p.297-317


Ann-Marie Nilsson

What is Swedish about a Swedish Wind Octet?, S/p.319-337


David Reynolds

Brass Bands and Copper Kings: The History of Samuel Henry Treloar and the Butte Mines Band, S/p.339-344


Ronald Rodman

The Symphonies of James Robert Gillette, S/p.345-360


Mikolaj Rykowski

Cantabile, Wit and Fluency - Czech and Moravian Harmoniemusik at the time of the Blossoming of Habsburgian Musical Culture, S/p.361-368


Damien Sagrillo

Fanfare Wind Bands, S/p.369-381


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